Mk II - (The Ducati Superlight register)

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By Mark

Please hover the mouse pointer over the image for plaque number and click on the image for details of the bike, who owns it and any modifications.

A total of 755 MKII's were made world wide.
575 for the European market.
160 for Germany.
20 for Australia

(You will see there are two MKII #001's registered. Please see the interesting notes at the bottom of this page and further photos of both on the photo albums page 2 )


We have had two MKII #001 Superlights registered. One in Italy (in yellow) and one in the UK (in red). I wrote to Ducati, Italy and also the well known book writer Ian Falloon

The interesting thing is that the yellow one has a sticker under the fuel tank that says 'Campione non comerciable' 'Sample not for sale'
This is the reply I got from Ducati: (Chassis numbers not disclosed)

'After due inquiries with the proper department, the only information we are in the position to provide you, regarding the bikes for which you've provided us pictures and the available documentation, is:

- According to our database, we would kindly confirm you the first bike (the yellow one - VIN ZDM9065SC2* @@@@@@*), corresponds to a 900 Superlight 2nd Series;

- As per the second one (the red one - ZDM9065SC2* @@@@@@*), its VIN corresponds to a Superlight as well, but the bike was strongly modified. Regarding the numbered plate, unfortunately we are not in the position to provide any kind of information.

However, according to their VINs both bikes are Superlight, but the Italian one it's definitely closer to the original.

We apologize for the poor information we are able to provide. Thank you very much for your understanding.

Kind regards,

Customer Service
Ducati Motor Holding Spa
Borgo Panigale – Italy '

Here is the reply I got from Ian Falloon.

'Hi Steve
These bikes had numbered series for different markets, with the plaques duplicated. I know for sure this was the case with US models, but also other markets as well. I had a Superlight II I imported myself through the factory back in 1993. I was told then the number was a UK series and could be duplicated in other countries.

Hope this helps
Ian '

So from the information provided by both it can only be assumed that 2 MKII #001 were made . I have never heard yet of Ducati Superlight plaques being faked anywhere

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